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New Grad Nurse Seeking for New Grad FNP Program

  1. 0 Anybody familiar with nurses just finishing up school with their ABSN and transitioning directly into a FNP Program that will take new nurses? Any leads will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Are you planning on getting a job working as an RN, even part-time? Any program, even those that do require so many years of clinical experience may be willing to consider you as you would be working on your core graduate nursing classes while getting RN experience. The best way to find out is to contact schools you are interested in.
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    The shortest experience requirement I have seen is 1 year. Seems like a lot of FNP programs are switching to part-time though so you could probably get the experience while in school if the program allowed that.
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    I highly suggest a) re-thinking your views on programs that do not require experience b) actually getting experience. It will be much easier to find an NP position with experience. I had several offers without even applying for a job, because of word of mouth due to my background. Also, the schools with low expectations often provide sub-par education as well. Think about your program of study carefully.