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  1. 1 Hello! I skimmed through the first few pages and did not see any recent topics on this subject. Does anyone have any experience in international medical missions, either as an RN or NP? Any recommendations on organizations to go with?

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    I went on a medical mission in Guatemala last summer. The group was Refuge International. I was a PNP student at the time, and our school took NP students as well as SRNAs. Most of us worked in the outpatient clinic (saw about 100 patients a day) and the ACNP students assisted in the OR while the SRNAs worked with the CRNAs. We had two NPs with us to oversee our care in the clinic. While this was done through our school, the mission itself had nursing students, surgeons, college students, etc. There was only one NP student not from our school.

    It was a great learning experience and really helped me become proficient in gathering data and making assessments.
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    Joyce Meyer Ministries hosts medical missions. You do NOT have to be a part of their organization to go. It would be great to go on a medical mission I'd think.
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    Faith In Practice is an excellent organization. (It's faith-based, of course, and christian-focused but ecumenical. You don't have to have any faith at all to work with them - at least, that's how it was, years ago. I did a bit of promotion work for them, and I was a buddhist at the time.)

    The guy who founded it is an interfaith activist of some sort.
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    I have done work with Friends of the Children of Haiti. Excellent organization. They have their own clinic in Haiti which serves the same clients every other month. These clients receive medical treatment and medications for free. They are expected to return to the clinic for their refills. Staff stay on site. They have a website for reference.
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    This sounds wonderful! I wad wondering the same thing. Subscribing to this thread.
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    Please don't forget that you need not go overseas to find medical missions.
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    Please don't forget that you need not go overseas to find medical missions.
    ^ Truth! We can find plenty on our own backyard. I knew a dentist who went to S America every year and another one who stayed here and helped out. The latter was able to so all year vs one week/year.

    Great reminder. Thank you!
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    You are welcome.
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    What nursing school did you attend during the time you went with Refuge International? Or rather, what school did you study for NP? Thanks!