Looking for advice on two job offers

  1. I currently work for a home visit company, and enjoy the work, but it is new to the area and is not providing enough visits to be profitable.

    I have had two recent offers.

    1) Local cardiologist is offering base $80k plus generic benefits (2 weeks pto, $500 CME, health insurance, etc.) Incentive pay for 3 or more patients per hour. Work hours are M-Th, Fri off, with weekend call for hospital every 4 weeks. He projects based on previous NP that $100-110k is more likely with efficiency. He intends to allow for a "practice within a practice", as he intends to semi-retire within 5 years. He is not against ownership in the practice.

    2) Local outpatient surgery center offering "$92k+, based on phone interview, so far. Benefits are 4 weeks pto, $1500 CME, $300 for week of call every 6 weeks, generic benefits. Hours are 7-4 M-F. Duties are pre-op, education and post-op follow up. No opportunity for anything except employee status.

    Any opinions from others in either of these situations?
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  3. by   NPs4health
    Congratulations on the job offers. It depends on where you are in life and what kind of schedule you're looking for. how quickly you would be able to see a cardiology patient...would you be able to do more than 3 an hour, 15mins/pt? And what are work hours for the cardiology practice 10 hr days? I used to work at a practice 4 days a week, 10 hr days and had the rotating weekend rounds thing every month. Physicians make a ton of money for covering each other on weekend rounds, it doesn't make sense for us to do it for free. It was a main reason i left my last job. Incentive based pay is nice if the numbers actually pan out to what they need to be...As to whether or not that is a good salary, it depends on what state you're in if you dont mind me asking?

    Job #2 sounds like pretty awesome benefits and a stable base pay, if you're looking for stability. And I'd want to know what happens during that week of calls, how often do you get paged and what orders are typically given..those are some things to consider.
  4. by   toyenola
    Ofcourse job no 2 sounds better, congratulations
  5. by   carachel2
    Just being nosey here. The "home visit" company..is this with a major insurance company doing Medicare wellness visits?
  6. by   RNGrad2006
    Wish I even had job offers....working on an Ortho Trauma floor as a nurse almost a year after NP school is getting old.