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Hello, everyone. I've been lurking on AllNurses for awhile and this is my first thread. I'd like to start a thread on tips for new grad NP job search. Please don't get discouraged. There are... Read More

  1. by   FullGlass
    Quote from db2xs
    Why is the process so long? My NP preceptor said it took her six weeks, but that was probably almost a decade ago.
    I have no idea. California takes the longest of any state.
  2. by   db2xs
    Quote from FullGlass
    In the Western U.S., almost all the job listing ask for an FNP. At my school, they told us the West prefers FNP, while the AGNP is more accepted in the East.
    This is news to me, as a California resident. What sorts of jobs are people looking for that require them to be an FNP? Considering that I have zero desire to work with children, I will be avoiding positions that tell me I have to work with children. It may limit my job search, but life is short and why be miserable? Just my two cents.
  3. by   David2017
    Thank you FullGlass for sharing your experience. Like you I am a middle-aged man but I have been in nursing for 20 years mostly in hospice/palliative care and home health. I started applying November 29. Since then I have been contacted by a couple of recruiters who expressed interest in scheduling a phone interview with me. But I will follow your footsteps opening the horizon quite a bit more. Hopefully that will produce more fruits.