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Was offered a job by my preceptor and medical director at a college campus clinic. I was honored, since I don't graduate until May, but was very disappointed at the starting salary. I've never... Read More

  1. by   BCgradnurse
    It sounds like you may have a opening to negotiating a higher salary, as you dont need benefits. Maybe they vcan increase your salary in lieu of bennies. So, for me, the bottom lines would be: does the job even interest you? Are NP jobs scarce or easy to find in your area? Can you live on the salary they are offering?
  2. by   joanna73
    I've researched NP salaries, as this is one of my career interests. Generally, NPs are paid higher than a floor nurse, and for good reason. This is an advanced practise role, which requires additional preparation. Although you're a new grad, don't sell yourself short. Money does matter, especially considering the rising cost of education. Shop around before you accept a low salary.

    Did I just read 49k? That is ridiculously low. New grad RNs in my area start at 34+ shift differential. I'd say forget that.
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  3. by   mzaur
    I am surprised by some of the posts on here. How can an RN make more than an NP? Maybe it depends on the specialty and/or geographical area. I have been looking at job postings and see starting salaries at 70-90k in urban areas and 100k+ in rural areas. This is for psych NPs.
  4. by   missnurse01
    Mzaur , the salaries are low. I make what you quoted now as an rn. Np salaries should be higher I would think. I do not know how the pay structure works with time in job for them ...does it go up dramatically after a few years ?
  5. by   AtomicWoman
    Much too low, relative to the amount of responsibility and accountability you would have. But you've already figured that out.
  6. by   gerry79
    Thanks to all who replied to my post!
  7. by   MBrickle
    $49k! Wow! I make that much and work alternating 24/32 hour weeks in pedi home care as a new grad!

    In my area (Boston), the average starting salary is probably around 80-100k. I look at it this way: if I worked full time at my job (which, admittedly, pays much more for a new grad than a floor nurse position in a hospital would) I would be making almost $71k/year...and that's in home care! So, I would expect to start at least $20k higher than that to make my education worthwhile...especially if I pursue a DNP. However, I also blew my back out in home care so med/surg or other heavy-lifting positions are no longer feasible (ie: I ain't goin' down that road again) so I'm pursuing my FNP mostly to transition to primary care and get away from the manual labor.

    I would hold out for something that at least starts in the $80k range. I, too, am also a nurse who would prefer to transition into advanced practice before having too many years of experience so I never have to take a pay cut...and so I can save my body years of damage...I've already got a bad back at 29!
  8. by   NPAlby
    I would say no to that offer. 49k for an NP. Keep looking dont even waste your time with that kind of crap. Not sure where you live or what the market is for your specialty but if you can make 30k more a year at retail then do it.
  9. by   silkysha
    Im just starting at the VA as a WHNP with a salary of 89,500; leaving a nursing salary of 79,856 at Womack Army medical Center. This is a federal position. The thing I'm kinda put out about is men NPs in this area of practice are getting paid 93,500. Read a recent article in a NP Journal about this problem, don't know how to fix it. Do your research and see what other's are getting paid in the same kind of practice you are in and negotiate. You and your skills are worth it. I don't have much experience. This was the initial offer and usually it goes up, but it's based on experience as a NP. I also asked about student loans, and will bring it up again after getting off probation in 2 yrs.