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Is it true?

  1. 0 I just started 2 new things, working a a nursing instructor and working on my FNP. When I told my coworkers about my FNP plan they said there were hardly any jobs for NPs in California. These 2 faculty members are NPs already. Is this true? Am I wasting my time getting a degree where there are no jobs? Advice please..

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    have you looked for jobs in the specialty you want?
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    Unless you are dead set on staying in CA, there are pages upon pages of NP openings elsewhere in the country.
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    I know the ACNP grads that spend clinicals in our ICU get jobs. I'm not familiar with the primary care/FNP market but I know that there is a primary care provider shortage in outlying areas of California. Obviously not in the beach towns along the coast that everyone wants to work in.
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    It's definitely a shortage of FNP jobs here in Miami, Fl. I have tried everything and applied everywhere! I too am working as a RN faculty instructor until I find a gig. There is a shortage of PCP but you have to know someone to get in the door.