Initial CRNP License in Pennsylvania

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    I am graduating end of April from my ACNP program and trying to work out a best/worst case scenario for when I'll be able to start an NP job. Does anyone have recent experience with how long it took to receive their national certification number from AACN? Or from ANCC for that matter, I guess - I don't much mind which board exam I take.

    What about how long it took to receive your CRNP license number from the State Board of Nursing (PA) once you sent in your application??


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    Graduated early August 2011
    Took boards AANP October 31, 2011
    CRNP Licensure from PA Board of Nursing November 30, 2011
    Prescriptive Authority in December 2011

    Part of the issue is that Pitt takes awhile to issue transcripts. Did they say when they will have transcripts ready? We needed transcripts with degree posted to apply for boards.
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    You can apply for the AANP without final transcripts and you'll get preliminary test results when you take the exam, but scores and certification won't be released until they receive final transcripts.
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    Pitt said up to 6 weeks to issue transcript. Do need it for board application. Have to do either ANCC or AACN for Adult Acute Care, I think AANP is for FNP.

    Thanks for the replies
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    Check with the board to see what they require. Some require the final transcript to apply and other just won't release scores until you send the final transcript. It truly does take them about 6 weeks or so to issue the final transcript at Pitt. That being said, you will likely be able to accept a position that will be contingent upon you passing boards. I started my position before passing boards and wasn't really even able to function until January when all my credentialing was finished.
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    I need to get a new work visa and need the actual license in hand before I can even apply for that, so it's going to put me a little behind my classmates in terms of starting the NP job. Thanks for the info.
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    Update on the timeline..

    4/28: Graduated
    5/24: Transcript received
    5/24: Sent ANCC application
    5/29: Board received application

    ... now the wait for authorization to take boards....
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    I am in a similar circumstance. I just took the AANP and have my prelim "passed" but I am wondering how long it takes from AANP sending my certification verification to the actual date of getting a CRNP license number. Please keep me posted on your timeline, if you don't mind. This is very helpful info!

    P.S. and good luck on your exam if you haven't taken it as yet!
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    Update on the timeline..

    4/28: Graduated
    5/24: Transcript received
    5/24: Sent ANCC application
    5/29: Board received application
    6/13: Authorization to test email received
    6/26: Exam scheduled!!

    I did not expect the authorization so soon and I hope I've left myself enough time to study (2 weeks) - but I figure if I don't know it now I never will and the longer I wait after graduating the worse it will probably be. Wish me luck!

    Juli - congrats on passing your exam! I also wonder how long the license part will take.. can't wait!
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    6/26: Passed!


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