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How long did the AANP take?

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    Can anyone tell me a bit about your experience with the AANP exam. I have read all of your posts about the exam's content, etc. However, I was curious about the behind the scenes stuff... how long did they take before you got the "go ahead" to test letter? Do they send a letter in snail mail or via email? Just graduated MSN - FNP 2 weeks ago and am super nervous and anxious!!

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    My classmates who chose to take the AANP test took theirs at about the same time as us...give or take a few weeks. We graded 12/15/09 and I tested 2/22/10. Good luck!
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    After they received my transcript and application and fee, I had a letter in about two weeks giving me persmission to schedule my test date.
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    I would have to say my turn around was much longer...I sent in application and all requirements in November 2009 and got my letter to test end of February...almost 4 months.
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    Thank you for your responses!! I received my letter! I received it last week... about 3 weeks after submitting my application and transcripts.

    I signed up to test Mid-July as I will be attending the AANP conference next week and want to take at least 2 weeks afterwards to study before I sit for the exam. Wish me luck!!