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  1. Does anybody have experience with forming your own LLC or S corp? What advantages or disadvantages do you find? What about for y'all with permanent positions? As always thanks
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  3. by   nursetim
    Wow, no love? I'm the only one working as a Locums?
  4. by   zenman
    Done it before.
  5. by   Alisabeth
    I've been doing locums for awhile. No experience forming an LLC/S corp though. Your not alone in the locums What companies do you use?
  6. by   nursemedicfiremannp
    Not as NP, did 8 yrs of agency as RN. Wrote everything off and had an awesome CPA that did everything by the books and got me all the write offs possible. He taught me a lot. I did not need to do a C or S corp because of all of the write offs, but an S corp is the way to go. Not sure if you can do an LLC or not. Best thing is get a good CPA that is ethical and allows you to take all of the deductions possible without throwing up red flags. One that is going to spend some time with you teaching you what to do for the next year. Trust me, spend the money on the CPA, it's well worth it and not worth your time trying to figure it all out. Currently, Just starting as an NP and have been asking around, no one does a lot of write offs though and not much locums here in Greenville , SC. Interested though, what companies do you use, are good, places that pay, etc...
  7. by   nursetim
    I had a CPA my first year of NP practice. Dbag's only advice on decreasing my tax exposure was to buy a house, that was it, nothing more. He got fired quick.