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FNPs- what settings can I work in

  1. 0 Becoming an FNP is something I want to pursue, but the more I read up on it...the more I become concerned about what settings I can work in right after graduation.

    From reading other posts, it seems like job postings want experience. How can you get experience if you just graduated school.

    I don't necessarily want to work in a Minute Clinic or family practice office. What settings do other people work in with an FNP degree??
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    I personally work in an ER... My MIL who is a FNP works in Psych... My two best friends are FNPs and one work as a hospitalist and the other in nephrology. I know many FNPs who work in specialities...
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    My first job was in Urgent Care/Primary Care in a community health center. Community health centers often hire new grads and it's a great place to gain experience. Now I work in a private specialty practice and do Urgent Care per diem.
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    I've seen a lot of job postings for outpatient clinics for NPs with 0-1 years experience..
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    Im a recently graduated and licensed FNP and i work in urology.
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    Do you all FNPs working in speciality areas have to do extra classes in school or clinical to qualify you to work in your chosen speciality, or does the FNP program automatically prepare you to work anywhere?
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    In most states you can work anywhere.