FNPs in Urgent Care

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    What are your thoughts about new FNPs in urgent care?
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    It is within your training and scope.
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    The concern is the volume of patients seen in one day. 40 to 50 patients per day seems like a lot to me as a new FNP grad. Also, I would have to work holidays. The money is not a problem. It is clearly volume and having to work holidays. I thought that someone may have worked in this environment and have an opinion of their experience. My whole family went through a lot during my graduate training.
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    I would shadow there first. I can't believe you would be seeing 50 a day, especially in your first year.
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    That is a good idea that you have, that is, if they will go along. Thank you.
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    I wouldn't take a job anywhere that refused to let you shadow.
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    Urgent Care was my first NP job. It really helped me hone my assessment and diagnostic skills, dealing with one acute problem at a time. I started out slowly, and eventually was seeing 4 patients an hour. From there I was able to go into Primary Care and specialty practice.
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    Thank you. So, you are a family nurse practitioner, right? How long did you stay in urgent care?
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    I graduated in December, 2012, and I work 3 days in family practice, and 2 days in urgent care. I actually really enjoy urgent care, much more so than family practice.

    I see between 25 and 35 patients in a 10 hour shift. Yes, it is ball busting work! However, every day is interesting I would not take a job in urgent care as a new grad unless you have good backup. Our ER docs are on site, just down the hall and are great about helping me with x-ray interpretation, which is a weak area for me.

    It is difficult in urgent care as a new grad for an NP---my program did not have a surgical rotation, so I had to learn suturing, wart removal, use of the slit lamp, and other urgent care stuff on the job.

    I had 3 months of orientation while I waited for all my licenses, creds, etc. This was essential to my being able to see lots of patients and do a good job. After 3 months, I was on my own, but I always have backup with the ER docs.

    In our urgent care, dealing with narcotic seeking behavior can get to be a real drag. Gets on your nerves after a while. However, I find family practice to be a difficult area for an NP at times. I work with a terrific supportive doctor, and I have my own patients, but patients can see me if his schedule is too busy. Even though I do EVERYTHING for his patients that he does, they often go back to see him in a few days to make sure "they see a doctor". This attitude is pretty standard in our area. In addition, when I started working in family practice, I inherited several patients from other providers in the area who wanted to see me instead. These other providers think I am stealing their patients!

    So, overall, I like urgent care better than family practice, which is a shock for me....I became an FNP because I really wanted to do family practice.

    Hope this helps!
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    Yes, you did help. The urgent care center is a stand alone center. The corporation is down 4 - 5 docs or so I was told. Do you work for one entity or are they two separate employers?