Failed the AANP

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    Okay so I failed the AANP- should I retake it or take the ANCC and how should I change my studying to take ANCC? I knew a lot of the material just got test anxiety and freaked out- any tips or ideas will help. I have a job just need certified.
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    I took then ANCC back in September, the exam is more theory and ethic based than clinical. What have you studied? I went to FHEA and APEA review course, did the online exams and skimmed over the Leik book.
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    I just took the AANP Adult-Gero NP exam yesterday and did NOT PASS. I'm very much devastated at this point. Not sure where I went wrong, nevertheless, I have now registered to take the ANCC exam and will be awaiting my authorization to test (unsure as to how long that will take to get, AANP processed and I had ATT all within a month). Of course, I have a job lined up and this was a major set back, which is requiring them to graciously revise their plans, leaving me to take a hard look at my study plan and revamp it; I averaged about 5-8 hours/day for the 2 weeks just prior to the exam, before that I was slowly breaking the sections down and took a review course and completed the Fitzgerald study guide and CDs. I looked today for a live review course and unfortunately, the first available are mid-March (Fitzgerald, APEA, and Barkley) for the AGNPs. I assume the delay in study material and review courses are because the two certifying bodies just began offering the exam in January. I wish you the best, which exam will you be taking and maybe I can give you a little direction if it is the Adult-Gero AANP??
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    mmk130, I am sorry about your devastating news. I took the live review of FHEA and APEA. Although I spent a lot of excess money on an extra review, hotel, travel, ect... I think it was worth it. I reviewed Leik textbook as well, but did not find it as helpful as what I expected. From my understanding, the AANP exams are geared towards clinical experience, ANCC is geared towards theory, analysis, and patient management. I think both live reviews were helpful. Both my wife and I went to the reviews, tested within 1 month and passed thru ANCC.
    Remember to also take time for yourself. One can get caught up in studying, prep exams, charts, books, ext. However remember one simple concept... "Study... And test" no more, no less. Prepare yourself as best you can and leave the rest in Gods hands. This is difficult to understand, but try keep emotion out of the test. You have been thru school, numerous test and journals. Try a live review and that may help focus your study. Remember to study the concepts that you understand the LEAST! It is easy to study a subject you know the best and able to answer all the questions correct.
    Relax... Study... Test

    Good luck, hope this helps, keep me posted please.
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    Thank you very much for your suggestions and concern! I have calmed down from my original post and am looking at this as a learning experience and looking at ways to improve my study. I wish there was a live review somewhere in February but I can't seem to find a single one, so I don't believe that will be in the cards for me. I am planning on focusing on my weak areas, which after taking the AANP, I know where I struggled. Would you say ANCC's level of ethic/policy questions were hard to answer if the Fitzgerald section on the topic is studied? Thanks for any help/coaching!!
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    I would say that the way ANCCs questions are worded can be very confusing. One needs to find the stem of the question, then read all answers, then reread and answer the question. Typically you can immediately remove 2 answers. I thought the test was challenging, but if you are able to find the stem, there is more confidence.
    I do think that both FHEA and APEA are geared mainly towards AANP, however FHEA sends a lot of additional information about ANCCs exam that is KEY to know!
    Hope this helps.
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    Today I received an email from FHEA. Looks like they are offering an online live review. Just an option to think about. I did though enjoy the live environment, but I do not know your circumstances. Please see address below. Hope this helps. NP
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    Thank you so much for the additional information! I am going to check this link out and see if there is an online review course that I could take. I appreciate it!

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    I took both last year and failed BOTH! I am just sick about it! I was a 4.0 grad student! Registered to take aanp again soon.
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    Good luck and keep on pushing through!

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