Do you tell pts who get heparin that it comes from pigs??? - page 3

okay - so here is the situation: i'm a mid-level with a large nephrology practice - i do dialysis rounding. so...needless to say i order lots of heparin. situation came up that a pt who's been my pt for >2 years asks me if this... Read More

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    Ugh - wouldn't want to do that - lol!

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    I think all patients should be advised that if their medicine comes from animal sources; remember it is not just Muslims & Jews that may want to avoid pork products. Vegetarian and vegans would also not be very happy, as well as Hindus and Sikhs, many of whom are vegetarian for religious reasons.
    Where I work, patients are given a leaflet about clotting which advises the standard drug used is of animal origin. If they raise it as an issue, then an alternate drug (Arixtra, a totally synthetic fondaparinax sodium anti-coagulant made by Glaxo Smith Kline) is used.
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    If full disclosure, 100% PC, and all source awareness is the goal, you better get the legal office to prepare a 500 page booklet. Recall that we use things like salmon sperm, urine, fungi, etc to make meds...
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