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Hi all, though you all are most likely nurses already and probably are nurse practicioners, I am only a student rn nurse in an ADN program in my local city. While on the phone with a friend, I was telling her about how I wanted... Read More

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    @twins4paigesSince you already have a BA degree why don't you do the rn to msn program? That's what I'm planning on doing because it seems a little faster and I think its geared for people with bachelor degrees in other areas...well whatever you deciede is right for you. Good luck in your endevors and let me know when u get your np license so I could be your first patient also...lol

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    I agree with SarasticLVN, NPs take their time with us vs MD. I saw NP recently and she was great. She cared about me asking questions, sitting and talking to me about my issue ;/. MD are in rush in and out of room. I prefer NP. For OB a MD but other issues NP.
    Good luck.

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