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i was just checking out the requirements for uc davis school of medicine for physicians assistant and comparing it to their family nurse practitioner master's program and i noticed there's a big difference. i once heard that pas... Read More

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    Quote from dissent
    Realize that this is the exact same thing as most MD programs. During the end of 2nd year and the beginning of 3rd year it is the first time they really touch patients. I think that most would agree that the end product of physician training is clinically the most competent provider. So having no clinical experience at the start of the program means very little, especially when the clinical training entails multiple thousands of hours.
    *** I fully understand what you are saying but I disagree. My observation is that people (at least us nurses) seem to expect PA student to already be experienced in health care. Nobody expects medical students to have any hands on experience at all. Those that do are the exception.
    I hope you didn't think I was criticizing the no health care experience model. I wasn't. Even though such a model is very far from the origins of PAs it obviously works and produces competent practitioners.
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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    *** None of the PA programs here in Wisconsin require any health care experience at all. For many of the PA students who do rotations in our hospital the first time they ever touched a patient, and for some the first time they were ever even in a hospital except as a visitor, was during their first clincal rotation. My observation is that the further west you go the more experience PA schools require
    this is a link to a list created by one of our members at PA forum. It's several yrs old but you can see the general even split between require/encourage/don't require.


    The other thing to consider is the competition for seats often drives the actual numbers for the matriculants higher than the minimun for application (just like GPA etc)
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