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Hey everybody, I'm a psychiatric NP student at UT-Austin. I have a year left in my program. I'm interested in practicing in a state that allows for independent or mostly independent practice, and I'm also interested in moving... Read More

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    Quote from TheOldGuy
    I agree Dr Tammy - CANPs lobbying day is May 2nd and I don't see anything of real importance being targeted. I sent you a pm discussing this further.....
    Actually, there is much we can do. I'll give you a call tomorrow.

    Also, if any NP's or NP students are out there and are completely disgusted with the present medical technician status of NP's in California coupled with our do-nothing, go-nowhere NP organization and want to put in about 10 hours a month or so to do something about it, send me a pm.

    I've been executing a plan over the last six months and its starting to gain real traction in the central valley. The problem: I'm only one NP doing this and the workload is very daunting. Problem #2: Most NP's, at least in my area, are content with the status quo of being a medical assistant with a few additional duties. I know there are others out there who feel the same and are ready to step up in a leadership role to benefit our profession as well as increase health care access for our patients.

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