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APEA - Exam Review?

  1. 0 Has anyone had experience with the question bank offered via APEA for NP certification exam review?

    I'm reading and studying, took Fitzgerald...but I really miss the Kaplan system I used when studying for NCLEX and liked the QBank. Before giving up my (husband's) hard-earned cash, I'd like to hear from anyone who's used it.
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    I used it and found it fairly worthless. I passed and believe Fitzgerald will give you everything you need to pass. I wouldn't waste my money...but the way, I passed AANP.
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    If u are studying for the FNP or ANP exam
    the fitgerald book and her CDs should be enough to pass ANCC or AANP
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    I actually passed ANCC since posting this. I did ONLY Fitzgerald and it was plenty.