anyone done ADN-MSN NP?

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    looking to see if anyone has done NP from an ADN?

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    That would be me. You'll hear a debate that one should have a BSN before getting an MSN..blah, blah.
    But obviously I don't agree. During my last semester of my ADN years, I distinclty remember hearing about these "ADN-MSN" programs and made a mental note to myself.
    So now..I've just been practicing for about several months as a new Adult NP. And so far..I like what I've experienced so far..incl the good and the bad. ADN-MSN programs arent' for everyone..but for some who think they're mature enough to go thru the program, and actually practice intelligently and thoughtfully...I recommend it.
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    I seriously looked at an ASN-MSN program. I ended up completing my BSN first instead. The program I looked at required completing 15 credit hours at the 300 and 400 level as well as taking two transition courses (each one semester in length) before beginning the MSN portion.

    So for me it was actually quicker to finish the BSN and then go into the MSN. Also if a student dropped out of the ASN-MSN program after the transition courses, he/she would not have a BSN.

    Of course this was just the particular program I was looking at and others could be different.

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    I've been researching schools galore the last few months trying to decide the best route to take to get what I want, whicn is my MSN.......

    For me, completing an ADN-MSN program is quicker and more cost effective because I already hold a B.S. degree in another field. I have 2 classes to take prior to starting the MSN program and then the MSN program is approx. 3 years part time. It just makes more sense to me to take this route.
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    Butch, mind if we ask which program you went thru?
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    I went thru the MGH Institute of Health Professions program..check it
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    I'm looking for an ADN-MSN program as well (I already have a non-nursing bachelor's and master's). Specifically, I would like to find one that offers all the coursework online and where the clinical sites can be chosen near where I live. The programs I have found are Rush University, Drexel, and St. Louis University. Does anyone know of any others? I have found many ADN-MSN programs, but not many online.
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    I'm actually doing a ADN/BSN/DNP program.

    Many of the colleges in Tennessee (not sure where you live) are dropping the Masters programs for NP's. Not sure about other states.
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    Which program are you in?
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    An online ADN-MSN program is also offered through Frontier School of Midwifery and Nursing. The clinicals are done in the students home community. If I had known about this program I would have gone through it instead of first going for my BSN.Here is the website

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