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This summer, I am taking Bio I and II together along with calculus, both for personal enrichment and because I plan to get a science PhD after my MSN or go on to med school once I have my loans paid... Read More

  1. by   cruisin_woodward
    Hmm I had to take Bio, A & P, chem, biochem, micro and stats for my nursing undergrad pre reqs... I assumed that was a requirement throughout... I chose to take advance chem I and II after just for fun. I don't remember a thing though.
  2. by   Dixiecup
    Thank goodness they are not required! I would have never been an NP today! Somehow I made it from LPN to RN to BSN to NP without ever taking a chemistry course. I would have never passed it. My dausghter had to tutor me nightly to pass statistics! I consider myself a great NP and don't see where chemistry would have helped me in the least. But if you like that sort of thing, take all the classes you want! It's like reading hebew to me!
  3. by   myelin

  4. by   CCRNDiva
    Greygooseuria, your proposal looks an awful lot like the program I completed for nursing school (this was an ADN program). I got credit for the AP Chemistry completed in high school and had to complete A & P, Organic/Inorganic biochemistry, microbiology, nutrition, statistics and pharmacology. I didn't have to complete physics though. I think course content depends upon the program attended.
  5. by   myelin
    Did you have to take a year of organic chemistry (the series for majors) or did you take a health sciences version that was one quarter long?
  6. by   CCRNDiva
    It was a 7 credit hour semester long course taught by a chemist with a PhD. The course was brutal and was known as the "weed out" course in our program. In fact, all of my science courses were taught by non-nurses with PhDs except for my undergrad pharmacology course.