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    I applied for a nurse manager position at the VA on 5/4/2013. They called me in for an interview on 5/15/2013 and the position closed on 5/21/2013. I was already at the VA with students as a clincial instructor so I had already had VetPRO and finger prints done. I was told during my interview that I would hear something in 10-14 days. The next day my references said that the CNO was calling to check my references. The CNO also called me and asked if she could call my current employer. This past Thursday 6/6/2013 I went in for my Physical, Eqip and some paperwork. I was told that an HR generalist would be calling me in 7-10 days but could take 4-6 weeks for my start date. I told the HR assistant I still had not been given a tenative offer. I looked on USAJOBS last night and my applicaiton status has been updated as "selected" Does anyone know the process. My current employeer is a little anxious because now the know I could possibly be leaving but I am not sure yet. HELP!
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    Until you have an offer letter in hand, I wouldn't give notice for your current job. I would wait the 7-10 days, then call back. Get them to email you the offer letter as an attachment, then put in notice. Most jobs you only need 28 days notice and the VA moves slow, so you should have plenty of time.
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    Yes please don't give notice until you have an offer letter in your hand. Here in MI the beginning of this year I was selected for a position at the VA, went through EVERYTHING including boarding which is the process of when they figure out your salary. I had given my job notice because I was told of a tentative date but no offer letter yet. Then comes the fiscal dept doing the annual thing they do. Low and behold I contact the HR dept because it had been 2 months now since the whole process started and told them I received a email stating that the position I was selected for was cancelled. They told me that unfortunately all the positions were rescinded and they will not be bringing all the individuals who went through the entire process because of budget constraints. So yes please don't give notice until you have a letter in hand.

    Tiffany J.
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    Wow. Was wondering if you heard back within a reasonable time and did you start. I was fingerprinted and had a physical last week and I don't know how long it will take from this point. I too had told my current employers based on a tentative start date without a confirmation. Don't know anything as of yet. I will now tell my current employer that I am available. I feel like I am in limbo....
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    Boarding process? I have never heard of such
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    It took me 6 weeks to the day to obtain a start date after my fingerprints/physical.
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    Do ya'll know what level a NP would be Level 1-5. BSN, MSN with 9 years of NP experience?
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    opps this is super old