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:madface: A little background: In our facility we have a unit manager for CICU, MED, SURG, OR, ED, OB. The OB dept has been without a manager for almost 1 year. One came and left within 2 weeks. The ED manager has been doing... Read More

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    Quote from snuggles49
    Looking over the reponses to my orginal post I feel the need to add a few more things. Salary discussion among the 5 unit managers never occured. It was never an option as all our salaries along with all the other dept heads and administration were published in the local newspaper as part of the FOIA. Our staff even know what we make. The 5 unit managers all make the same except for now, One makes $ 10,000 more a year then the rest. She is the 4th least experienced manager. Currently we have a Unit manager who took her management position 4 months ago in the unit she has worked for 10 years but had no previous management experience,is not a BSN and started at the same pay as the manager with 10 years experience as a manager has a BSN and has worked her unit over 20 years.Out of the 5 managers 3 have a BSN and over 5 years experience as managers. Let me remind you again the manager that is now the hughest paid has 3 years as a manager of the ED does not have BSN. As far as negotiating for wage increase this has never been an option in our facility. Employees and Staff have always been at the mercy of the revenue vs loss at the end of the fiscal year. It was then that a wage increase was determined. But now we are unionized and the staff are quaranteed a % wage increase each year of the contract. Management was never quaranteed increases.

    I quess what bothers me most re this situation is the fact none of the other managers were given the option of taking on the second unit with the compensation. We had all taken a turn at covering the unit (except the newest manager) and were still under the impression administration was still seeking a manager for the unit. All the negotiating for more compensation was done secretive. I am very surprised that we found out. The CNE told two of us " oh by the way" manager x is going to be managing dept x from now on and she will be compensated for doing this as manager x threatened to stop covering the unit after this date.

    I am not jealous other than I could use the xtra $10,000 a year.The up side is I don't have to take on more evaluations, policies, etc. I do not feel the extra work of the unit she will take on is worth a 15 % raise. Oh yes I should mention no one else has gotten a yearly raise as of yet and if and when we do I am sure she will also get that raise do. I should also mention two of us offered to share the dept. responsibities by rotating coverage on a quartley basis but were told no as the decsion was made not to hire a manager now as manager x offered to take the dept permanetly providing she was given more money.

    Thanks for all the input. The reponses have been interesting. Not quite what I expected.
    I still think the job only became interesting once the increase in salary came into play. I personally also take offense to the "doesn't have her BSN" like that defines how she can do the job or be compensated for it. There have been many many of my colleagues with a lessor degree than a BSN that I have worked along side and their abilities, knowledge, and work ethic surpass that of many BSNs I work with. What bother's you the most from your own words is that you were not given the opportunity for the job with the additional compensation.....This is exactly my point......Obviously, she had the ability and the knowledge to get the job, negotiate a higher salary.....and wow....NO BSN.............I say good for her, and boo boo kitty face to the ones who are whining about it after the fact. I would like to add......negotiating was not done in secret.....it was done between the nurse applying and management. Why on earth would you or anyone else feel you should have been privy to any of that process. I'm just not understanding this
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    Quote from traumanursern

    .......i say good for her, and boo boo kitty face to the ones who are whining about it after the fact.

    i'm just not understanding this

    boo boo kitty face just made me laugh out loud. :chuckle

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    Hmmm. Interesting responses. "boo boo kitty face" ??? I must say this thread has been good therapy for me. I have almost gotten over my intial anger at what I still believe to be an inappropriate increase in wage. But I believe in Karma so....
    I do need to say a few more things:
    1. I do not feel I or anyone else should be "privy" to a wage negotiation and we were not until the administrative officer told us in a casual conversation "oh by the way I want to let you know...."
    Please !!!! Should we have said "oh how nice she will be making so much more than us"
    2. She is no more qualified than anyone of us. It is a specailty area and none of us have any experience with this type of sevice. So the argument that "she had the ability and knowledge to get the job" is not really true.
    3. In response that imply the job only became intersting after the increase in wage came into play, Would'nt any job become more interesting to pursue if the salary was increased ????
    4. I am sorry to have offend anyone that doesn't have an advanced degree such as a BSN as I also believe many nurses who do not have a advance degree in nursing can and do function as well or better than nurses with an advance degree. But .... a nurse usually goes on to get a BSN for the purpose of advancing herself into a management position or teaching. Oh, I also failed to mention all the unit manager postions at my facility state in the job description BSN prefered.
    5. Yes,she did point out the money that could be saved by not hiring for the position (smart move) but to say she "actually wanted " and the money was an added benefit is incorrect. She wanted for the same reason anyone else would. Money !!!
    Gotta hand it do her she worked it quite well. Pays to suck up.

    Thanks again for all the advice. It has been good therapy.
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    Isn't it time to move on.
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