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Has anyone else encountered this? Why does management listen to ideas from people who know nothing about our unit & make decisions w/out talking to the clinical leads & the staff who are impacted by these decisions? I am so tired... Read More

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    i said i didn't care enough about her to be mean to her. in order to "not be nice" to someone you would actually need a reason not to like them and make an effort to affirm that. ever heard the phrase, "you have to love it to hate it"? not caring enough to be "mean" to someone is not the same as "not caring about your cohort" in general. it doesn't take effort to be takes effort to be mean.

    either way, if i thought a co-worker "wasn't nice" because they didn't crack a fake smile every time i made eye contact, i would stay away from that person OR confront them and ask them directly if there was a problem. i sure as heck wouldn't bother a manager with it.

    i never said that hand hygeine was trivial. i said it is something that should be addressed RIGHT THEN instead of being made an issue of to a manager. i've had managers themselves (when trying to make a point during a meeting) admit to walking into a room and forgetting to gel. that doesn't mean they are disgusting and unprofessional. it means that the person who sees it happen should simply say, "gel in" and move on....not run and tell someone. besides, how does that protect the patient if you see it, keep quiet, and go tell someone later? when that happens, the observer is just as guilty.
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    I agree with minnymi, the "tattle tales" I have encountered had no interest in care of the patients, they had only their personal agenda in mind.
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    Quote from redbarcheda
    I agree with minnymi, the "tattle tales" I have encountered had no interest in care of the patients, they had only their personal agenda in mind.
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    Quote from minnymi
    I actually had my former manager call me in because a nurse went to her office and told her that i "wasn't nice" to her. I couldn't believe that a grown up actually took time out of their day to go and report that. I didn't even care enough about the girl to be mean to her....I just don't run around work when I'm busy and have 1,000 things to do smiling everytime a co-worker walks by and worrying about their feelings. I had a stack of satisfaction surveys from patients who took the time to say how nice i was to them, so who gives a crap about something so miniscule as that? That's just one example. It could be that someone was lazy, or someone was spotted not using gel before they went into a room, or not wiping down a machine, etc, etc, etc. Yes, those are all things that should be addressed RIGHT THEN to the person who is guilty.....not ran to the manager and made a big issue of. People who do THAT are "tattle tales" and need to grow up. That's just my opinion. I don't have time to babysit other nurses or even pay attention to if they are wearing PPE when they should or whatever the case may be. If I do happen to see something that concerns me, I say something to the person (usually in a joking manner that gets the point across without making things awkward) and move on. Of course, I have no hidden agenda like making the manager think I'm a great potential for a supervisor because I'm "aware of my surroundings" and trying to get in face time. People who run into the manager's office over things mentioned above are obviously insecure and in need of attention/praise...hence, the OP's statement of "making others look bad to make themselves look good."
    Excatly. However if you do want to be promoted you must engage in those antics. esp the ones where you cry to management about the mean staff who doesn't chat with you , or that you witnessed something but instead of saying something at the time you kept your mouth shut, let the pt potentially be harmed, and then weeks later notified the manager of your "concerns". your manager will think you are a hero .

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