patient care, administration & marketing Oh My!

  1. I'm looking for a tactful, effective way to tell my boss there isn't enough time in one the day to give the attention required to these 3 tasks. I spend every moment at work, well working on a clinic that has been neglected for years. After the clinical aspect & admin part, it really only leaves a few hours a week for marketing & declining our numbers are showing it. I work hard, but Im not sure anyone could keep up. Any suggestions on how to approach without getting fired? lol - I do love my job otherwise.
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  3. by   weirdscience
    What about hiring a marketing major from a local college to intern and take this piece off your plate at no cost to your boss?
  4. by   lostNneuro
    Wow, great idea. I've never even thought about that! I'm guessing I would need to contact the local university's to see what their requirements are for us to be assigned an intern.

    I don't want to sound winey & no boss wants to hear "I can't", it's not for lack of trying.
  5. by   kayern
    One your your best marketing strategies is Patient Satisfaction! Make sure your patients are well cared for and happy and they will spread the word.
  6. by   Havin' A Party!
    Don't tell him.

    Plan and come up with a schedule that allows devoting some available time to each aspect. Keep a record of your efforts. Brainstorm with others on ways to advance each of the areas. Stay organized. Be creative... try some original ideas, modify others. Read up on these issues. Etc. Then keep at it and concentrate on what is getting the best results.

    Good luck!
  7. by   classicdame
    Involve the rest of the staff in patient satisfaction, including the MD's. That is a marketing strategy too. Determine which tasks you are doing that can be delegated. Ask your employer to help prioritize (sounds better than "I cannot do it all"). Make sure policies exist that promotes excellent patient care and are evidence based, then enforce them. This lets the staff know there are standards and expectations. Get rid of any negative people. Sounds cruel, but they bring everyone down. Celebrate victories- like meeting budget, finishing on-time, awarding someone for finding a less expensive way to do something --- the more you involve others the more your team work will increase and patients will see that. So will your boss.