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  1. I am a nursing supervisor at a community hospital. We all work traditional 8 hr shifts. Daily, our units print a report that lists every pt on their floor, a spot for the census at the top, and room to write on pts. They are encouraged to only write on pts that have something significant that we need to know about. The dayshift supervisor picks these up from each unit about 2:30p. We then review the hospital staffing, adjustments that have been made, call offs, etc. Then we go over the census on each floor, and read what was written. Then the next supervisor makes rounds, redistributes the reports, gets a feel for whats going on.

    How do other supervisors give report to the next shift??? It seems what was written on one shift, isn't necessarily what is important on the next shift.

    I can't wait to hear what others are doing!
    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   debRN0417
    It's been a while back, but when I was a hospital supervisor, we would print a census sheet of the entire hospital. It listed the patients names and diagnoses, room numbers, etc. As I made rounds throughout the shift, I was in constant contact with the charge nurses on each unit, as well as the other staff and would jot down info on patient conditions. The "sickest" of course, were the focus, and I would visit each paitent on the "critical" list, as well as fresh post-ops, and ICU paitents. I also made notes about staffing, Emergency room traffic and other issues. At the end of the shift I got report from each of the nursing units. I printed a new census report for the on-coming superisor and would jot some notes on it for things to keep an eye on. THen we would sit together and I would give a verbal report. I worked 12 hour shifts and was on my feet every minute of those 12 hours, but I really loved it!
  4. by   kat911
    Wow, I'm impressed that #1 you have a day supervisor, and #2 you actually get written comments from your units. We get specific patient information from the units when we make rounds, providing we actually get to each unit. We don't do a print out of each units patients, we would kill way to many trees. We do a verbal report from sup to sup we highligt any problems with patient's who are having trouble or have complaints, staffing issues and what ever else unusual or problematic comes up during the shift. We used to get written reports but that quit when our tube system died once and for all. We don't have day supervisors, the directors handle/responsible during business hours. Yeah Right
  5. by   lberghood
    We don't have day supervisors anymore either and it is very fragmented as i have noone person in particular to give report to. We have an old fashioned hand written sheet with the census, admissions, discharges, code, special observations, transfers to medical hospitals etc. I work in a psych facility and recenly became a supervisor. I am relieved in the am by either the program director of the adult services, child/adolescent services, the ADON or sometimes a unit coordinator. On top of that we now share our office with the staffing coordinator and there is not a lot of room or privacy. I have handled this by keeping just the overall important items in the supervisor's report. ie census, codes, sentinel events etc reporting callouts and staffing issues on a sticky to the staffing coordinator and requesting to meet with the ADON in her office regarding more personal issues regarding employees and i keep a small notebook where i jot things down to keep them in my memory. I work on weekends from 8p to8a so i encouter all kinds of issues from all 3 shifts and from the weekend staff who do not have access to the upper management as they work during the week. This system has worked for me but it is difficult and time consuming and i sometimes am not ready to leave til 9 or 10 am depending on what is going on. Also we have recently restructered our management and now each of our units have their own unit coordinators and they are in the process of developing their roles. I feel that the unit coordinators are helpful to improve communication and cohesiveness on each individual unit and i will leave them voice mails or notes or discuss unit related issues with them. Like i said this is difficult and time consuming but we are also in a transitional process and i have found that most of the problems that i encoutner on my weekends stem from a lack of communication or communication to the wrong person. When i am there on the weekends i am basically the person to whom everything is communicated which is why i rely on my notebook
  6. by   anewme101
    I am the weekend supervisor at a LTC facility. We are lucky enough to have supervisors on all 3 shifts. Although we have "written" reports between shifts, it's only pertnent info. Problem is, what's pertnent to one is not pertnent to all. Lots of info still gets missed.