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    I am a 5 year RN with a BSN. I have been in the ER my entire career, and have progressed from staff RN to mostly charge RN. My latest job is a hybrid of charge RN with some actual authority and supervisor's role. I know I need to head back for a graduate degree, but which would suit me better for a continued career progression into ER manager and director positions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    If that's not possible, look for an MSN program with a good, broad basis in administration. Also, it is important to understand what you want to do with it and look into what is required. In some settings, an MSN is mandatory...often in academic hospitals where this is important. In other places, an MBA is vital for advancement beyond the unit manager level.

    Some schools have a joint MSN/MBA program that requries a modest amount more work than either.

    Also, some MBA's require some prereq in business, accounting, etc. and this could be a factor in your decision because you might need to take these courses first.

    The upshot is simple: do something. Either way, you will be better prepared.
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    I have similar goals as you and I just currently enrolled in a dual degree program at the University of Phoenix (MSN/MBA) with a focus on healthcare management. All of the classes are online. I will take one class every 6 weeks and finish in 30-36 months. I chose this program because it allows me to continue to work full time and I get to work on the course work when it is convenient for me. I like the fact that I only have to focus on one class at a time. There are lots of programs offered from many schools, but I thought the dual degree will benefit me the best. I am not affiliated with the University in any way besides a new student. I have not actually started any classes yet, but if you post me a letter in a couple of months I could tell you how my experiences have been. Best of Luck.
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    I also would advise the dual MSN/MBA - it gives you the most flexibility.
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    I've wanted to get my MBA/MSN as well and have seen a number of programs out there, some with online classes as an option. This would give you a lot more flexibility by giving you the best of both worlds.
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    I also applaud the development of MSN/MBA combination programs. The combination can give you the best of both worlds.

    The BSN is an entry-level degree -- and while it offers a glimpse of a few higher level topics -- it is still primarily an entry-level degree. If a person wants to be a nursing leader, they should be exposed to the world of nursing beyond the BSN level. But I also understand the benefits of the MBA content for a person interested in administrative roles. The combination takes care of both issues. It might be a little more work, but I believe there is a big payoff for the profession and for the individual in the long run.
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    I am glad to see you chose University of Phoenix for your MSN/MBA. I will start that same program next week and have been somewhat sceptical. What will I do with this degree???!!!! How is the program so far??? Any insight will help! Thanks

    Re: MSN or MBA
    I have similar goals as you and I just currently enrolled in a dual degree program at the University of Phoenix
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    I agree with trying for the MSN/MBA if possible. I'm attending University of Phoenix now also, but degree is an MSN/MHA. This has been a great program so far, very flexible and easy to fit into everyday life. I hope to graduate this October.:wink2:
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    I have just completed the MBA program at University of Phoenix. I have an Associate degree in nursing, a BA in organizational management and now have completed the MBA. I am eager and looking forward to where it will lead. University of Phoenix is great.
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    I went the MBA route almost 20 years ago before combo programs were offered.

    If I were to do it today I'd probably go combo.

    Good luck!

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