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Hello, I am a 5 year RN with a BSN. I have been in the ER my entire career, and have progressed from staff RN to mostly charge RN. My latest job is a hybrid of charge RN with some actual... Read More

  1. by   shull
    Has anyone done the MSN from the university of Phoenix? Can you just do that or do you have to take a dual. I am still trying to decide if its necessary and would like to know if working full time as a nurse manager I will have the time to give to the work. Thanks in advance
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  2. by   djmsailor
    For those who are taking online MSN/MBA have you found any prejudice from your superiors against online programs? The online plan is great, but I would be concerned that if two applicants applying for a management posititon are compared side by side and one has an online degree the other a 'regular' degree that the online may be viewed as not as serious. Any thoughts?
  3. by   Joe N635DC
    from what i have heard they may raise an eyebrow to some online programs but as i understand it, university of phoenix has earned a reputation for doing an excellent job with creating highly qualified and knowledgeable professionals. if i am wrong call me out but i have heard great things about them. at this time i am seriously considering the online msn/mba hybrid program they offer. also, don't they offer online and traditional courses? would the degree earned specify the pathway by which the degree was earned?
  4. by   panpan
    Ok if I was a nurse recruiter/manager looking at 2 resumes. One from University of Pheonix and one from a local/state college, I would choose the applicant with the local/state college graduate degree over online degree any day, any time and without a doubt. Most senior recruiters and managers weren't brought up with the whole online-college-degree concept, and there are many scams out there (not that Pheonix is associated with them).... but still it gives people a subconscious/unconscious doubt in their mind. Anyways... simple psychology. Am I wrong? If you are the director or manager of the hospital... would you really hire a full time online graduate over a traditional graduate? Think about it.
  5. by   Havin' A Party!
    Pan -- Tend to agree... all other factors being equal, which they never are.