Ideas for Nurses Week 2010 for about 80 - 90 RNs? Ideas for Nurses Week 2010 for about 80 - 90 RNs? | allnurses

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Ideas for Nurses Week 2010 for about 80 - 90 RNs?

  1. 0 It's about that time of year to celebrate nurses week. I'm again looking for some unique ideas for a staff of 80 - 90 nurses. Breakfast, lunch, dinner will be taken care of by the hospital in various ways during the week. What else can I do show my / the hospitals appreciation, but also be unique? My budget is about $1000.
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    You could check out gift ideas for nurses at They have humorous gifts and may give you some ideas.

    Good luck!
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    Divide the $1000 and give them cash or a gift card. It's not much but enough to be respectable.
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    We allow the nurses at our facility to wear different color scrubs everyday. On the first day of week, we do proclamation where nurses read poems, etc on what its like to be a nurse and release balloons up in air. We plan trivia questions throughout the week with prizes. We schedule a relay race where nurses use their skills and win gifts. We plan an ice cream social. We also allow the nurses to bring in baby pictures and try to guess which one belongs to which nurse. We get management staff to come in and cook breakfast for night shift and cook food for day and evening shift. Then at end of week we do an awards luncheon where we give out gifts to every nurse and awards for best all-around nurse, best attendance, most knowlegeable, etc. that are voted on by fellow employees.
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    What about taking them out for either breakfast or lunch? In smaller groups over the course of the month?
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    My ambulatory surgery center has a much smaller budget, and I sensed that the nurses were up to their eyeballs in tote bags and water bottles with company logos, so I asked around what they would like. Starbucks gift certificates won out and were a big hit! Go figure. Keeping it simple. And I use them occas to lure the nurses into picking up a spare shift in a pinch. And it works! They're pretty easy to please. I'm lucky.
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    We got a card a week late, with an expired 1.00 off cafeteria coupon....

    I was wondering if this was indicative of how valued we are.
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    a pair of trauma shears and pen light. useful. best gift ever? weelight for pediatric IVs