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I was told in my eval that I have a perfectionist personality and that it may iritate others. YES - I do have an (anal) personality but it has served my patients well. Either it is done right and in the best interest of my... Read More

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    I am an Army Nurse and I have been in leadership and management positions for the last 11 years. It is easy to become disheartened when we are criticized for doing what we perceive to be the “right thing”. Your most recent evaluation could be the impetus for you to re-examine your values and beliefs as it relates to nursing and leadership. It has taken me many years of experience and hours of leadership classes to fully understand the importance of self-awareness and how it is fundamental to good leadership. At some point, it is important to organize your time, energy and resources around learning to be a better leader. Becoming a better leader doesn’t mean changing your values, beliefs or expectations; it just means learning to employ various leadership styles and techniques at the right time to get the desired effect. It also means having a clear vision for the way ahead and ensuring your subordinates understand your expectations. It seems that you are a very competent and caring nurse who does the right thing for the patient; just make sure you are also doing the right thing for your staff and you will continue to have success.
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