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I'm the Director of Nursing of an outpatient dialysis clinic. While I was off 2 days, the administrative assistant really dropped the ball and sent some very unfinished re-assessments to the... Read More

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    . . .and may I say, you go girl! Alot of people are behind you who are just sick to death of watching good nurses get s****ed over!
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    Well guess some points for us nurses finally!! Attorney says although I was the DON I was performing on a daily basis as the only RN in the unit therefore am entitled to not only the OT pay since I was functioning primarily as the charge nurse and being expected to do my managerial after clinic hours. Not only that the missed lunches that were docked. Not only that I am entitled to unemployment compensation since she had me leave 2 weeks prior to my resignation date. She hasnt even gotten to the ADA aspect yet the boss violated Since my job description is significantly different yet I was performing 98% of my work on the charge nurse job description she believes they did violate wage and hour about time!!! This time I'm sticking to my guns and proceeding. On case in particular was Porter vs the florida unemployment appealate court and the lady won setting precedence here so this little lady at a family dollar store should be congratulated on how this will affect nurses due process in this state also. I'm happy to say the least.
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    Congratulations on finding such a proactive attorney. Too bad this person can't clone themselves so that people all over the country could have effective representation. Good luck on finding a good job.