2nd interview for nurse manager

  1. I am interviewing in a few weeks for manager position. This is second level interview for a company I already work for. I am wondering if anyone can offer input on what to expect. I will be having 5 interviews that day. With CNO, other nurse managers, cath lab staff, ICU staff and physicians. I am not to concerned about staff interviews, I am more concerned on what to focus on for interview with physicians and CNO. Has anyone been through this or have knowledge of expectation?

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  3. by   MBARNBSN
    OP: I have been through these type of interviews... CNOs and Head of medical are big picture people... They ask big picture question related to operations and the facility.... Many of their questions are in regards to how you handle problems, how you perform service recovery, your past operational management experience, basic HR and compliance policies and regulatory laws (I have not been asked direct regulatory law questions rather I have been asked critical thinking questions related to laws, policies and regulations...)...
  4. by   klone
    They may also ask you about your ideas on growth, staff retention, quality measures.

    Good luck! I've had a couple of those. They're a bit daunting.