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First off, this is not, I repeat NOT intended for the purpose of wailing on students. If your first time with a student consisted of a know-it-all type student then whatever, do share, but please don't lets run with it, eh? ... Read More

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    Quote from newkidnurse
    Less than a year ago (somehow!) I was a student. I vividly remember being told by our profs & clinical instructors that every moment of clinical should be considered part of a Job Interview... that the nurses/units had records on each of us and that when the time came that we would be applying for jobs, we could basically forget about it if we didn't make good impressions during clinical.

    Now working on a unit and having students rotate through, no one has ever once asked me for a "report" on any of the students for their "HR File", lol.

    I am wondering now if that was a little white lie Any of you keep records on the students?
    Not records per se, but you'd better believe if you leave a bad impression it will be remembered. Honestly, this is a small world we live in and you never know when someone you meet will end up being someone you need. I think it was good advice.

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    Im terrible with students, i try not to be.

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