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Maybe the real question is why is there so much back stabbing, snitching and exaggerating in the nursing field. Ive heard that nurses eat their young but it never seems to end. Im generalizing of course because I have met some... Read More

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    Quote from orthonurse55
    but if it's unreported by the first nurse, why not go to her or him first? then ask them if they want to go report it or if they want you to report it for them? by the way, ruby vee, i am not a female hater - i am a female! i just find men more straightforward usually.
    sadly, being female does not seem to exclude you from the female-haters club. and you've missed my point.

    i suspect that being a tattle-tale, like beauty, rudeness and bullying is a good deal more in the eyes of the beholder than an objective truth. many folks seem to believe that if someone does it to them, it's being a tattletale (or bullying) but if they do it to someone, it's patient advocacy (or well-deserved comeuppance).

    hopefully, my point is more clear.

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    "Just remember, when you tattle on someone, you're not only tattling on them, you're tattling on yourself, telling everyone you're a tattletale."
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    I think that nurses 'tattle' on one another to make themselves look better to the manager. It also takes the focus off the tattler. In my experience, those who tattle are inferior nurses who like to get better nurses in trouble for petty things. I've experienced this MANY times in my current workplace. And it's not for patient care issues. But more like stupid stuff like things I post on facebook that have NOTHING to do with any patient or even work for that matter. So, I cleaned up my Friends list and have pretty much BLOCKED everyone at work who has a facebook account.


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