Why do the unit nurses treat the students like this?! Why do the unit nurses treat the students like this?! - pg.3 | allnurses

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Why do the unit nurses treat the students like this?! - page 3

I am always reading posts like that and I thought it was time that I make my own! To the nurses who are the nurse of the patient I have been assigned to for my clinicals on your floor...and even... Read More

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    Thank you for seeing that there is heart, soul, and art in teaching. Thank you for being the type of student that I will make time to teach--the type of student that I know has a true desire to learn, to grow, to change, to dig deep, to dig in.

    Know that I, and many preceptors like me, will never run you ragged as an exhausted student does not learn, will never sharpen my tone or alter my voice unless true harm could result from an action and it is imperative that you stop and stop now, and, no matter how cranky or fatigued we may seem, want nothing but your success.

    It takes a sharp eye and an open mind to see the positives where so many find negative. Remember every act of kindness a preceptor brings to you and pay it forward when it is your turn to teach.

    Good luck, my friend. We are lucky to have you.
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    Great points. How I wish some of the seasoned nurses I worked with could understand. Why drive people away? These folks will be our coworkers and maybe one day our own nurse. The golden rule still applies...
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    That is great! Very motivating! Thank you for sharing