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OK, we have an active thread about the types of patients and conditions we don't enjoy dealing with......now let's have one about the ones we DO like to take care of. :D As I said on the other... Read More

  1. by   edmia
    Quote from Indy
    Normally, my favorites are ventilated, sedated, orphenated, and constipated.
    Thank you! My favorite patient is also intubated, and sedated.

    But seriously now, any patient with a sense of humor will make my day.

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  2. by   Creamsoda
    OMG after loosing faith in a majority of my patients and society, I had a patient, in a renal unit of all places, really nice guy. He was in a fib and they had planed for an ablation, had been in fib for a few months. So I was giving him his handouts on the procedure, the physiology of arrythmias ect and I start yacking before he even read anything, describing how afib makes the heart function, when he piped up, "oh is that why im so tired all the time?", totally getting how the loss of atrial kick affects him. I didnt even have to explain it. I was like Yes! You GET it! I just love it when they are actually interested in their conditions.

    I also love little old ladies and grandpas who have stories.

    I even love the patients who are total cares where if you just take a little bit of extra time to learn what they like, and prefer and you take the time to listen to them, you can make their stay more enjoyable. Also in a renal care unit, LOL who was total care, at first I thought it was going to be a long day because she was "needy" (I do have little patience), once I knew how things needed to be done, we had a great day. And at the end of the day she thanked me for being so good to her, she knew when the nurses got frustrated and rushed things and thanked me for not doing so. Actually that same day my other patient thanked me for being so good to him. Guess I dont hear it too often because usually theyre tubed/sedated.

    I think I needed this thread today after I was just thinking how fed up with health care i am and want to get out.
  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    My LOVE is respiratory gunk...love to calm a patient in Respiratory failure patient struggling to breathe; trach and vented patients are breathing easy after my meticulous pulmonary toilet and suctioning. Love to do chest PT to the tune of "Tea for Two" --just the right rhythm and song length.--sure to bring a chuckle to my pts. Don't give me CKD/ESRD clients with their crazy lab values on the brink of coding cause missed dialysis ---fled back to my Resp unit after 4 month loan period.

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  4. by   MattNurse
    95 year old pleasantly confused little old ladies
  5. by   mindlor
    I am with Viva on the grace part. I had a lady who had been dealing with ALS for 11 years.

    She has a beautiful mind and a beautiful spirit but her body is completely disconnected from her. It is flaccid and useless.
    She is absolutely and completely dependent on others.

    Yet she is quick to smile. Her spirit is so wonderful. The grace that she exhibits as she deals with this impossible condition warms my heart. The way her family tends to her...well it brings tears to my eyes.

    Caring for her was exhausting. She was on the call light every 10 minutes.

    She was DC'd to home a few days ago.

    I miss her.
  6. by   Ruby Vee
    Intubated, sedated patients with no family or friends. I'll talk to them all day!
  7. by   samadams8
    Quote from Been there,done that
    I like them ALL. Do you appreciate what I am doing.. do you fight what I am doing.. do you even realize what I am doing?

    Doesn't matter. I will make sure you get the best care and I enjoy the challenge of making sure that it happens.

    I expect all kinds of people and situations--especially after 20 years in the field--and b/c pts are in vulnerable positions, which if you have ever been a patient with a serious illness, you can completely understand.

    It's working with people that go out of their way to be difficult that is the challenge. IDK, maybe deep inside they hate nursing or whatever it is that they are doing. The rest of us have to reap the negativity of it--and when it gets too pervasive, you realize you must move on.
  8. by   whichone'spink
    I like patients that I never see again. I just got a job in the ED, and to be honest, that is part of the appeal of ED. Patients don't usually stay for long unless they are psych patients, or frequent flyers. Of course, then their is pressure to be an excellent nurse to these patients in such a short window of time.
  9. by   suanna
    sleepy ones- I work nights.
  10. by   Aeterna
    I love working with anyone who can maintain a sense of humour. There is a patient on my floor right now who I have a great working relationship with, but really, she's just a sweet and funny old lady who likes to take walks around the unit with her husband every evening so she's easy to get along with in general. However, I remember on a previous admission, she was doped up on pain meds and was really confused and rang the call bell a lot, which frustrated some of the other nurses who had to work with her, but I still found her a joy to work with. I don't work much with her now because she's in our palliative unit, but I see her every time she and her husband take their daily walks and we always exchange a few joking remarks every time.

    Also, I really like the pleasantly confused people! I remember having two ladies in the same room who were both pleasantly confused. It was awesome being in there, listening to their "conversations" that made no sense and trying to hop into those conversations myself and have the most entertaining time with it!
  11. by   Goobstress
    I work in surgery so I must say the ones that are asleep :-)