Was I at fault? the nurse embarrassed me in front of others. - page 6

I am a nursing assistant in the float pool. I got floated to a med-surg floor. It was going okay, and then it got very busy when there were 3 new admits. I was in the room with the new admit and... Read More

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    Sorry, but I would have embarrassed her right back and said, "I didn't hear anything because I was helping out with three new admissions simultaneously. Sooooo, you listened to the call light going off for ten minutes because.........fill in the blank please".

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    Sweety, unfortunately there are RN's among us who do not feel it is their "job" to empty bedpans or clean a patient. These are folks that have gotten their little degree and gotten to big for their britches!! A real nurse takes care of a patient regardless of their need. You go right on taking good care of patients and no worries about an *******.
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