Too young to be a nurse?? - page 4

Hello, I have a friend who was telling me that the younger the person goes into nursing field the more they're looked down upon by other nurses.:confused: I would thing that if we were being judged... Read More

  1. by   Morainey
    One of my patients told me the other day that I don't look old enough to be a nurse. I'm 27, and I was like DAWWWW! I feel like working nights ages me terribly, so it was a nice thing to hear!
  2. by   Good Morning, Gil
    There are some 40 somethings out there that are "too young" to be a nurse in that they are about as responsible as irresponsible teens lol. Age doesn't matter; it's maturity (all kinds, emotional, accountability (showing up to work, and showing up on time).

    Best of luck to you!