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....so I hung up the phone in mid rant. I had 2 hypotensive patients. One was orthostatic; one was due to exsanguination. I'm on the phone with 4 doctors, CT, blood bank,the nursing supervisor,CVICU, and this jerk surgeon. I'm... Read More

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    yeh i know what you mean....i am a new RN too, and i hate the fact that when you wake up the house doc you gotta go round and see if anyone needed to ask them anything or get orders for Pitocin, cuz You know if you call them up and to wake them, it had better be worthy.....i hate groggy diva house docs. so many a night i have been tempted to run past their room then knock, and run away....

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    SpongeBob! Ha Ha Ha! That's so funny. But, it wouldn't be funny if I were his patient or I was taking care of his pts.
    Lacy, can you get standing orders for this guys post ops so you don't have to deal with him so often?
    Mollymo, I applaud you for standing up to that Doc.
    "Were not gonna take it! Anymoooore!"

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