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We had an interesting situation on our unit and I would like to get some the opinions from some of you regarding this issue. I work on a 34 bed med surg ortho unit as the charge nurse. We had a CNA on our shift (male from... Read More

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    Of course it would be easy for him to produce his phone records...he won't, because he's in the wrong, plain and simple, and he's lying. Otherwise he would do it!

    I don't care how "nice" this guy is, he crossed way too many boundaries that it shouldn't take "training" to know are there. Too bad for him.

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    Who can feel sorry for him! because he is from a different culture? Now your saying........he's misunderstood! What! In Nigera, they run after married women? LOL He knows the rules.........but, his co-worker said it!.......He's a women chaser"! He got caught! I would terminate him.......he used work as his "playground" I don't care how wonderful of a worker you say he is...he used his fool all of you of what he was really all about!
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    I cant stand this at work. At all. That sounds like an episode from ER. I couldnt imagine dating the women I work with, nevermind just random hook ups. I also am very suprised that he was respected no matter how he was with patients with this attitude. Ive worked in this field for over 10 years as either a CNA or as an RN and I cant even imagine the back stabbing and cattyness that would occure if I went around sleeping with all my female coworkers. I cant imagine the drama it would cause, issues involved in taking care of people with these coworkers.

    Im suprised that you are here defending this guy.

    A hospital is a place to take care of patients, not to act like a rooster among hens.
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    I don't care who instigating this, thee CNA should have know better. It sounds like he has some boundary issues and he's a liability to the hospital.
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    Quote from hcer4507
    I don't see anything wrong with the kind of sexual harassment accusation against the CNA. How could the CNA know if the wife did not want to be with the CNA without him first asking her? Besides, isn't it easy to get out with the wife while the patient (husband) is in a hospital bed ? If unwanted "sexual advances" happen when a man calls a girl to ASK if the girl wants to go meet somewhere, then how could the man know before calling that his call to ask the girl to go somewhere would be unwanted? I'm not a psychic either so I would not know either if asking a girl to go somewhere is unwanted without asking. I don't see this as a big deal.
    I recommend spending a lot of time reading threads in the Male Nursing Forums that discuss professional ethics.
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    I think he should be fired.

    I wouldn't want to have a family member in a situation like that. The facility needs to send a really strong message at this point and apparently, only a very strong action is going to get this man's attention.
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    The sad thing is that this man's behavior wasn't addressed much earlier in the game. I'm guessing that no one said anything because his antics seemed entertaining and light-hearted. His coworkers and bosses may have assumed (wrongly) that he understood appropriate boundaries and would stop short of impropriety, making it safe to allow him a little leeway. Especially if he made the patients smile.

    If his behavior invited only laughter and joking, how would he know he was treading on thin ice?

    I don't like the thought of a draconian workplace where every vestige of personality and individuality is stamped out in the name of political correctness, but surely, knowing this man was from a different culture, a manager or supervisor should have taken him aside and made certain that he understood the boundaries of this culture and this setting--that you can go so far and no farther without trashing ethics and risking your job.

    The egregious nature of his offenses and his lack of cooperation in the investigation may indeed require his permanent dismissal, but this is a really unfortunate outcome.

    On the other hand, if he was warned and still tried to make a date with a patient's wife over the man's hospitalized body, then I have little sympathy for him and hope he learns from this exercise in extremely poor judgment.

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