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I have a new nursing student starting with me next week. She'll spend 50 hours with me. She emailed me to introduce her self and asked what the unit was like. I work on a BMT unit. I wrote her back... Read More

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    IMO you didn't ask too much. Heck, I would have loved it if the nurse I precepted with as a student gave me such "homework" because it could only have helped me during my rotation.
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    For myself, I would have been grateful to have been given a 'heads-up' & be able to come in a tad prepared. Just the fact that you are giving her this consideration says alot about the type of preceptor you are. That's awesome.
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    I agree with the others. And really, it's a very serious kind of unit in which to work. The particular kinds of chemo there, and how it can be given, is a huge part of it--and all that goes along with it. I mean, as you know, you have to be careful all the way to whatever comes of the patients. This is a great opportunity for learning for the student. Who knows. She may even end up interested in your particular area.
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    I agree with the other comments. I'm a 1st semester nursing student and we begin our clinicals in a few weeks. I think it would be GREAT to have the information ahead of time to research and learn what is necessary before going in, and not be caught on the spot. I hope who I shadow is as giving. Well done, I say!
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    That's cool, I wish I could have worked 1:1 with a nurse in school.
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    Quote from Horsebytes
    What were the medications on the list?
    They were a variety of antibiotics and immunosuppresants we give, along with a few other things we give a lot- protonix, ursodiol, lovenox. Thinking about it, I could about double the length of the list and we still would have given all of them by the end of the first day. Hopefully she is familiar with things like Benadryl and Zofran.
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    In my practicums we were instructed on our first meeting with our preceptor to ask for the 10 most common medications and the most common procedures done on the unit. Then we had to research them and send the med research to our faculty advisor, along with a set of goals tailored to the work done on the unit. So this is de rigueur. I ended up with 10 pages of med research because there were so many different meds given on the unit I preceptored on.
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    What is a "BMT" unit?
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    When I was a student, our preceptor emailed homework assignments and we had regular discussions during off hours. The expectation was that we show up prepared or go home, and all of our clinical instructors made it clear that much of the learning would occur on our own time.

    Better to lay the foundation early because there is no time to look up all the medications while you're on the unit trying to absorb procedures and practise communication skills.
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    I'd be stoked to be paired up with a nurse that actually cared if I learned.
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