I would like to know as a future nurse, do alot of you deal with racism by patients? How do you deal with it, and how do they treat you if they allow you to help them? Thanks... Read More

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    You do realize that this thread is five years old, don't you?

    Yeah, I am a slow reader hahaha
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    the funniest comment I have ever received from a patient was " can i see the palm of your hands?" i said sure, she went " oh, it is white!" but she proceeded, "is the sole of your feet white?" I replied and looked into her eyes and replied with a huge smile " is that the only part of my body that you wish to know the colour?" hahahaha a few shifts later she said, "you have got amazing white teeth!" :-D Sometimes i think they are scared, sometimes they are just nasty! lol

    Racism and discrimination are present all my life! In nursing, I never expected it though! They are vulnerable, sick, dying...yet, sometimes they remain ungrateful, but there are the little moments that erases all of the ugly moments!
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    I still laugh to myself about something that happened years ago. I was asked to take a patient from a nurse who spoke with a fairly heavy Polish accent. The patient wanted "an American nurse" and was very happy to receive care from me. I was so tempted to tell him the truth: the Polish nurse is a US citizen and I'm not.
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    Quote from Horseshoe
    You do realize that this thread is five years old, don't you?
    I'm getting nostalgic going over the thread and seeing names of members I haven't seen around in years. Now I wonder what they are all up to!