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Not finding much information...actually any. I have discussed with case managers and received advice against this.. My patient gave myself and another nurse permission to go into his unlocked home to check on his cats, he has... Read More

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    Quote from FORTHELOVEOF!!!!
    Lol, I am so glad I am not the only one who read it this way in the beginning! I thought it was going to be something along the lines trying to be culturally sensitive and find a way to get the patient his ideal dinner while in the hospital, I almost fell over until I read the post!
    And people think I went above and beyond when I bought some almond milk and brought it to work the next day for a patient that couldn't have dairy or soy...
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    if it were my client's cats, i would feed them if that were the only option available. in a pinch, i'd even buy cat food (and have) if i had to.

    every single one of the almost thirty cats we've had over almost three decades had been starved nearly to death,
    been beaten, or burned with cigarettes, neglected, etc. and it really takes so very little to make a cat feel loved and secure. our animals are all spoiled at this point, but both we and they still remember what it was like to be cold and hungry and thirsty and it is because of that that i would feed my patient's cats. i would definitely assume the liability.
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    I wouldn't ask anyone or speak about it, but I'd go over to the house with a bag of cat food and a bucket of water in the dead of night. I'd deny ever seeing his house, or his animals if asked, but they would have food.
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    Of course, you could always consider a career change:
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    LOVE that commercial!!!

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