Nurses are too controlling, and over powering during emergencies. - page 2

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Why is nursing like the war. Im a new grad nurse, and ofcourse the more experience nurses think they know it all more. They sit at the station gossiping all night, which till this day 5 months in i refuse to be a part of, I... Read More

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    I have no idea but your description of the whole scenerio was hilarious.
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    Sounds like you are wanting more respect from the experienced nurses. It's that feeling that you have to prove yourself. In my experience, it's not just when you are a new grad. I've also felt that way after taking a new job. Just keep on, keeping on. In my experience, if you are a good nurse, ppl will eventually take notice. Put your guard down and relax. And hell, if there's 10 other people trying to be chiefs, I will gladly step back and be an Indian. I don't need that kinda stress and I'm not an adrenaline junkie just dying to rescue someone.
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