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:banghead: I Just have a rant... I am sick and tired of having to be bombarded with the scent of smoke in the psychiatric facility I currently work at. Where used to work, granted it was a med-psych unit and not an entire... Read More

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    Quote from SweetPEI
    So let me get this straight you have a problem with me because breathing smoke is not in my desired comfort level?
    Read my comment I said "as is their right."

    You have the right to leave the situation you are in. You have the right to stay in the situation you are in but attempting to change the situation around you will rarely work.

    That patient needed somebody to hold her cigarette for her safety. It doesn't have to be you but it needs to be done by somebody.

    You seem very young and defensive. I hope you will be able to readdress this issue in the future with more enlightenment. Everything so far seems to scream this is all about me under the guise of "patient advocacy"
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    Actually I don't feel personally attacked. I agree it is perspective, that is why it is extremely important to read before replying. Clearly you haven't read the whole post or your perspective would have been different because you would have known what was said. At the end of the day I have gained a lot of insight concerning what nurses view as acceptable and unacceptable practices when taking care of patients.
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    Yes, I am young and the future of nursing. Please have an excellent day ma'am. This is not instant message. I'm not about to go back and forth with you.
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    Quote from purplcav
    with a reply like that, why even reply?? seriously???

    Being a former smoker of 3 years now, I agree that in a workplace, we shouldnt have to deal with smokers, let alone being out in the general public. Holding a cigarette for a patient is not part of a nurses job description and I am glad you stood up for yourself by respectfully declining. I would have done the same.
    Read the thread. I agreed that no one is obligated to hold a ciggy for someone.
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    I don't want to keep this thread going but somehow Even knowing that it will lead to nowhere.

    You are not listening nor debating, that would mean that you would really listen and take in some of what is being said-some you will like and some you will not. Debating isn't typing back messages from every post you don't like about what you don't like. It is listening and taking in new things-again, some of which you will like and some of which you won't.

    You ARE getting upset and it is translating to the typed word.

    You do talk a lot about patient comfort and safety while using the word "I" A LOT. (it is not one and the same)

    You are not the future of nursing....nursing is your future. There is a difference.
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    At the end of the day I have gained a lot of insight concerning how differently nurses view acceptable and unacceptable practices when taking care of patients - specifically related to the subject. Thanks to everyone who gave their opinion on the subject and thanks to everyone who gave positive advice

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