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Or worse yet when their family members are nurses at the same hospital. Well I recently went per-diem at my ER job and worked my first shift back in a month and a half. (Thank God I wasn't as rusty as I thought I would be) ... Read More

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    Quote from jennilynn
    I have no problem taking care of other nurses. I have had issues with taking care of ancillary staff that think they know more than nurses (pharm tech, X-ray tech, OR transporter) but I get through it.
    I find that most nurses do not walk in to visit or as a pt, waving their license around. I sit and quietly observe.
    I tend to agree with this ... Not to say that every nurse is the perfect, understanding patient/family, or that every member of the above groups are horrid, however I can honestly say I have had more problems with ex-nurses (long retired, or those long removed from acute care), nursing students, and people who just work in a hospital or clinic.

    No disrespect intended to the above mentioned groups. This has just been my experience.
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    Personally, I don't mind at all if my patient is a nurse...if anything, I can talk in "nurse" to them. However, most of my patients are not comfortable bringing up the fact that they are nurses, so unless they tell me they are a RN/LVN, I don't address it.

    As for myself as a patient, I don't go out of my way to bring it up, but I don't deny it either. Though I'm sure that just from talking to me, the nurses whose patient I am have probably figured out that I know a little more about what's going on than their average patient
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    Quote from That Guy
    For the most part, they have been great. Its the nurse family member that makes me want to jump head first off our helipad.
    Same here: Nurse patients are great. But while most mean well, the nurse family members can drive one crazy.