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Or worse yet when their family members are nurses at the same hospital. Well I recently went per-diem at my ER job and worked my first shift back in a month and a half. (Thank God I wasn't as rusty as I thought I would be) ... Read More

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    I had an MD the other day, a Rheumatologist from the hospital. She was nice but man she was demanding and self-managing of her care: got herself ordered kayexalate for a potassium of 5.1; called the pharmacy to find out how much K was in herTPN. She also had a lot of meds, many of which we rarely ever give. The story was that she came to us after having RRTd herself for SOB/DIB on the rehab unit. So, yes, she was also an admit. I got out an hour late that day.

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    Some people are just obnoxious.

    They should know better than to act in such a low class manner.

    That nurse manager sounds just like someone I may know.
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    For the most part, they have been great. Its the nurse family member that makes me want to jump head first off our helipad.
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    Patients who happen to be nurses are still patients- I'm not going to treat them any differently because of it. Be careful of making assumptions as well- just because the patient is a nurse doesn't mean they will know what's going on. Just like any other patient, they may be confused, overwhelmed, what have you- and cope the same way as any other patient who is out of their normal element. I know I would be.
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    I saw a nurse in clinic the other day who thought she understood more than she did about blood pressure. She takes her BP daily and worried about an asymptomatic variation of her SBP of about 10 points. I tried to be very reassuring while I told her this was not clinically significant and not something to be overly anxious about, but she kept telling me she knew how serious BP changes could be and that the DOCTOR (as opposed to me, the mere NP, lol) she works for told her she needs to see her PCP about it, yada yada yada.

    I can read between the lines and I realize that she was probably asking him a dozen questions about this (non) issue inappropriately in their workplace and he told her, "see your PCP (i.e. stop asking me) about this."

    She just could not accept that she was OK, so I told her to go seek a 2nd opinion someplace else.

    It was one of the few times having a nurse as a patient was a pain. Having someone who did not know what the devil she was talking about, but thought that she did merely because she happened to be a nurse was a pain. That she was also an obnoxious person did not help, lol.
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    ...just figured out what "Smh" meant; thought it was "slopping my hogs", but that's another story.

    When my father was in the hospital (his final hospitalization), the rule in our family was that nobody - not even his doc - was to know what I did for a living, nor that my wife and I were both Critical Care EMT/Instructors. Everything went as it should... no complaints, and the staff did not need to know that the patient's son was some "hot-shot ER nurse from out of town".

    The same rule applied to my mother until she met with the excellent discharge planning peepz who would help refer her to acute medical rehab. There was nothing available in her city, so she suggested, "how about where my son works?" She ended up in Medical Rehab "where I work" and all worked out really well.

    As for being at the "nurse" end of caring for a patient in the health professions, I do not let that get in my way, treating them the best I am able, just like any other patient. They put their skivvies, pants, and shoes on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us.
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    Because they are fellow nurses and are very much aware of what you are going through they should be more understanding. My own husband who had Pancreatic CA was a patient in the hospital several times before he died and I never told anyone that I was an RN or a nurse manager at another facility. I tried to be patient and do as much as I could to lighten their load. I took every opportunity that presented to compliment them on the fine job that they did!
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    Quote from gilly12345
    Hola, quisiera poner esto en espanol por que quisiera que una persona hispana me de un consejo. Soy enfermera peruana, con 5 anos de estudio en la universidad, licenciada y colegiada. Me case y vine a USA, miami hace 5 anos atras. Durante ese tiempo estudie ingles y postule al NCLEX exam por 2 anos, el motivo es que me negaban dar ese examen ano tras ano, aduciendo que mi educacion en peru no era equivalente a la usa. Esto fue falso, porque me enrole a 2 cursos que decian que no eran iguales, y luego me lleve la sorpresa de que eran menos las horas de esos cursos que los que lleve en Peru. En fin, cuando acabe esos cursos envie mis calificaciones al board y recien ell ano pasado me dejaron dar el Nclex exam, que era super facil y pase al primer intento. El problema es que hasta ahora no encuentro empleo y que solo tengo mi licencia de enfermera pero cuando ven mis estudios de otro pais no me aceptan. En algunos lugares me dicen que entre sus requisitos esta ser egresada de una escuela autorizada de nefermeria en USA. Eso me deprime, y mas por que debo renovar una licencia que no he usado... he gastado tanto dinero en Silny y en mis tramites para ser enfermera aca en miami y para nada. No se que hacer, realmente necesito un consejo de alguien que pase o este pasando lo mismo que yo.

    Pense en estudiar nuevamente toda la carrera de enfermeria, pero ya no me es posible x q tengo ya una licencia de Registered nurse. Una advisor de una unievrsidad dijo que me correspondia hacer el masters, pero con que dinero?? si no puedo trabajar de nurse...
    estoy muy preocupada, y mas por el hecho que al tener un bachelors degree en el extranjero ya no puedo ser elegible para estudiar con Financial Aid.... Siento todos los caminos cortados a mi paso... y tambien me siento fracasada por invertir anos y mi vida y mucho dinero en la enfermeria que aun no he podido recuperar. No se que hacer. Estuve tratando de unirme a las fuerzas armadas army navy rotc, x el hecho q soy ciudadana pero no puedo por que supero el limite de edad, (ya hable con recruiter), bueno y tambien quisiera postular a la beca UM de BSN en un ano pero tengo un nino pequeno y no creo que pueda haber un semestre con 3 GPA osea B, haciendo 18 creditos en un semestre y 22 en otro,.. no quisiera fracasar en eso y tener que devolver el dinero de la beca, porque ya lei que si no me mantengo co B o que si me despiden dentro de los 36 meses de trabajo despues del estudio tendre que devolver el dinero de la beca. pienso qeu seria mucha tension para mi estudiar ese ano con el temor de pagar para atras los 40 mil de tuition.
    Alguien termino ese BSN acelerado con beca y le fue bien??? leo de gente que dice ser admitida pero no veo reviews de gente que haya compleatdo bien el programa..
    En fin, cualquier sugerencia es bienvenida. No tengo mas dinero para invertir en educacion.. he postulado a varios tipos de trabajo que no tienen que ver con la salud y nada. Fue CNA teniendo mi licencia de RN porque me decian que para ser RN debia tener experiencia de RN no de CNA, y ademas me corrieron al obtener mi licencia de RN. He postulado a New graduate internships pero ninguno me admite. Siempre piden egresados de una escuela acreditada en estados unidos. Que hago?????
    Favor de escribir solo buenos consejos, ya mi vida es un calvario como para escuchar mas burlas,
    You may want to start your own thread instead of posting off-topic in this thread (at least, I'm assuming it's off-topic as my Spanish is far from fluent). Also, per TOS, posts are to be in English.
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    I've never had a problem caring for another healthcare provider, and infact, I once took care of a husband of a nurse who worked at my hospital, and they were nice as can be. The WORST was when I took care of a woman whose 2 daughters were nurses but no longer practiced, they were in pharma sales. They grilled me for 12 straight hours and demanded to see the MDs constantly. They were furious when they had to wait more than an hour for a consult. That was one horrible shift. The patient was getting great care, but these daughters were just extremely anxious and tried to act like they knew a lot, which was funny b/c they knew nothing and had obviously been out of patient care for awhile, UGH!!!!

    I make a point of not mentioning I'm a nurse when going to the doctor and as well as when I visit family in the hospital. I like to quietly observe, I would never make a point to tell the nurses I was an RN unless I questioned their competence. Luckily, this has never happened.
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    I have no problem taking care of other nurses. I have had issues with taking care of ancillary staff that think they know more than nurses (pharm tech, X-ray tech, OR transporter) but I get through it.
    I find that most nurses do not walk in to visit or as a pt, waving their license around. I sit and quietly observe.
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