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We have an excellent nurse but she curses like a sailor. Anyone else work with a foul-mouthed nurse?... Read More

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    I rarely cuss so when I do, people take notice. I've only done so after frustration with someone on the phone, AFTER I hung up. One instance, I had a family member give me a hard time because the nurse who discharged her loved one called in a prescription to the wrong pharmacy. There's nothing I could do at that point, and the charge nurse was busy with a patient going down the drain. I abruptly ended the conversation, and after hanging up, I just let out a big f---! I have NEVER cussed anyone out to their face. I'm starting a new job (in the ED no less, cuss words galore!), and I'm going to work on being squeaky clean, even when dealing with frustrating people (like in lab) or frustrating situations.

    I cuss more online, including in posts on allnurses, but I'm working on that too.

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    Quote from samswim4
    Since when did it become O.K. for a "professional" nurse to curse in the work environment?! Why is this tolerated? There is no excuse for any staff member to curse in front of patients and family members. Clearly it shows that the person is incompetent in choosing their words wisely in a situation, which clearly says that they are not professionals. I have never seen a Doctor, lawyer, banker, etc. drop a F-bomb in front of their clients...just saying.

    Now behind closed doors...that's a different story.

    But in order for nursing to be viewed as a well regarded, capable, and competent profession, the attitudes, behaviors, and idiosyncrasies of nurses are going to have to change dramatically.
    I definitely have seen MDs do this. Not only in front of patients, but AT patients.
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    Some of my coworkers are devoutly religious. Well, for all I know, most of them may be, but a few are more public about it. As a general rule, I manage not to swear in front of them, or in front of patients and visitors. Since I am almost always able to do that, I figure I should almost always be able not to cuss in front of anyone. I do slip, once in awhile, and occasionally on purpose. Once, giving report, I mentioned: everyone keeps saying this patient can be inappropriate, at times, but I don't know what the (let's say heck) they're talking about.

    My internal censor fails me, occasionally. Lately, I've caught myself talking to angiocaths. "Come on, baby, slide right in there, just a little farther..." I'm not sure it helps, but it rarely seems to alarm the patient all that much.
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    Oops! That's me. Sorry!
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    Quote from Born2BWild
    We have an excellent nurse but she curses like a sailor. Anyone else work with a foul-mouthed nurse?
    I'm am 100% guilty of a foul mouth, but I only use it with colleagues I have established as friends, and never with subordinates or superiors.
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