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Okay now, I know there are some pretty nice docs who are also nice to nurses. This hospital that I'm currently at on a travel assignment have Docs that are down right mean & rude! I work in L&D and... Read More

  1. by   StNeotser
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    It just amazes me that these docs treat us like crap and walk right into a pt room and are the nicest people on earth. Then the pts are like "Oh Dr. () is so nice....don't you just love him/her" and then I want to vomit! These folks are the real Dr. Jekyl and Mr./Mrs. Hyde. :angryfire
    Oh, I know this one. My daughters pediatrician was the nicest guy in the world. Then in student clinicals I got assigned to his office nurse. I found out he screams at her all the time. Funny thing was, he ignored me completely until after lunch and then looked at me and had some vague look on his face like he recognized me from somewhere. He was a little better behaved after that.
  2. by   Sumatra
    I remember when I delivered my sons (both by C-section), the anesthesiologist was the nastiest little man I'd ever met. He was equally mean to both the patients and the nurses. Why this guy was put in maternity is beyond me. The nurses would stand behind him and roll their eyes. After the birth of my second son, I developed a spinal headache. Dr. Nasty had invented his own treatment which consisted of pumping the patient full of fluid to the point of her resembling the Pillsbury doughboy, giving injections of a narcotic painkiller (can't remember which one), and taking away the patient's pillow. My roommate got my pillow back, so I got yelled at. I kept having vivid dreams of being a prisioner in the Gulag. I was too young to know I didn't have to put up with all of this, but I cried all the time. Finally the head nurse intervened (God bless her) and stopped it all. Well, the headache had gone away, but I checked myself out of the hospital the next day.
  3. by   Sumatra
    Oh, yeah. I took the baby with me!
  4. by   Kymbearlee
    You must stand up and defend yourself against these doctors and the best way is to team up with other nurses at your hospital. A group of nurses voices will have more effect then just one. At our hospital we have started reporting each episode of these doctors and guess what the upper management had to do something....the doctors have gotten much better. There are more nurses in each hospital then doctors if we team up and use our numbers we can change many things. Lets join together and make our lives much better...we deserve it.
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    Reminds me of a joke.... How many surgeons does it take to change a light bulb?

    One.... he holds the bulb up and the world revolves around him!
    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle

    Dunno about US but here in UK the doctors attitudes have changed over the past ten years especially since we have done more and more doctors roles.
    You still have the doctors who believe they are 'God' and have the same power.

    Surgeons here in UK tend to be very far up their own **se
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
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    You have my sympathy Marie. I think surgeons are the worst.
    I'm lucky, though, out of the dozens we have practicing there, we just have one that's a butthead.
  7. by   markjrn
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    I'm lucky, though, out of the dozens we have practicing there, we just have one that's a butthead.
    Yeah, there's one in every crowd. :stone
  8. by   Blackcat99
    I remember that the hospital had a few mean/rude doctors. I am thinking about seeking work in a general medical clinic. How are the majority of doctor's behavior when they have their own clinic? I know when I go to my own personal clinic they act very professional when I am a patient. :chuckle
  9. by   k_cole21
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    did he then look at the bag? I wonder why he didn't look in the first place?
    I'm not sure if he got the info he needed or not. I told him to look at the bag and kept giving report. I don't give the the satisfaction of catering to them when they are jerks to me.
  10. by   Dalzac
    Quote from takrn
    i work in the er and we have one doctor who screams and yells - and i mean screams from halfway across the er at nurses, patients, visitors whoever - the next minute he acts like nothing happened - i don't know why the hospital puts up with it - i have personally complained but no change.
    We used to have an attending that acted the very same way. I finally had enough of that kind of behavior and followed him to the elevator he had a group of interns with him and I just ask him "Why are you screaming at me for things that don't even concern anything about your patients care? He just sttod there just staring at me and then he said "It's not supposed to be personal." I ask him " How am I not supposed to take it personal when you are standing there screaming at me in front of patients and co-workers." He just stood there dumbfounded. Then he just walked away. I just knew he was heading for the vp's of nursings office and it was so long for me.
    But nothing happened I found out later from a couple of interns that he told them I was his favorite nurse, I was floored! He told me several years later that I had been the only nurse that told him not to talk to me like that and he respected that. you just never know I guess
  11. by   live4today
    Quote from k_cole21
    I'm not sure if he got the info he needed or not. I told him to look at the bag and kept giving report. I don't give the the satisfaction of catering to them when they are jerks to me.
    You're my kind of nurse!
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    Like another poster here, my mouth has gotten my into trouble more than just a few times. Just yesterday a PA was extremely rude to me at the nurses stations and I (ahem) sounded off at him. After a few minutes of total silence (know how scary that silence can be?), he apologized to me. After he left the floor, when the charge nurse would call the office for any of the Dr.'s patients change of condition, when he would call back he asked for me. Go figure. When I found out what he wanted, I transferred him back to the charge nurse (if it wasn't my patient). Sometimes, you just have to "explain" it to them.