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  1. Does it annoy you when the Doctor just walk out of the patients room and you walk in, the pt is asking you what the doctor's plan is?
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  4. by   AlphaPig
    How about when you go into a room right after the doctor has seen the patient, and your aox3 pt asks " who WAS that??"
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I once asked one of my AAOx4 patients about why he never asked the attending doc any questions. He said, "The doctor seems like he's in a rush all the time and uses jargon."

    I think some patients would rather talk to the nurse because, when compared to doctors, we have less professional distance from them.
  6. by   T-Bird78
    I'm in an office setting, so when I'm trying to get vitals and ask the pain scale, I get their whole life story. That's sad that you started having sinus infections 3 years ago and have never had allergy problems until you moved here 5 years ago, but are you in pain RIGHT NOW? Not yesterday, not usually, right now. If so, where? Remember, you're seeing the ENT--ear, nose, throat, so I don't need to know if your knee hurts from an old football injury in 1977.
  7. by   Poochiewoochie
    I love my neurosurgeon and have a lot of respect for him but doctors intimidate me for some reason even though he does have a wonderful bedside manner. When I had my neck surgery his PA was the one that I saw for the pre-surgery physical and for 2 visits afterwards-I saw him at my very last office visit. On the day of the surgery she came in first and explained the consent to me. When he came in and asked if I had any questions I said no, that "Kathy" had just done a good job of answering all my questions and he looked hurt when I said that. It wasn't a slight against him but like I said, doctors intimidate me while PAs and RN's don't-maybe that's the problem with a lot of patients. Most times what the doctor says just goes over my head.

    It's all good with the NS. I was just so pleased that he helped me when no one else would-after all, he was the one that performed the surgery. I sent emails to the hospital and one of the societies he belongs to say what a great surgeon and person he is. I also never received a bill from him