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Is it just me, or have pt's been more abusive lately?! I had one this week, and I know Tweety was having problems earlier this week too. Now we're being abused in OUR OWN FORUM!!! I have a... Read More

  1. by   oramar
    I bring all my work phone calls in on my second phone line. That means I can turn off the ringer and disconnect the answering machine if I have had a very bad time at work . Work does not even know about my main phone line on which all my friends and family call me. Multiple answering machine messages begging me to come in for extra shift are stressful because they make me feel guilty. They can get to the point where they are harrassment in their own right. Life is to short to be guilty and harrassed. However, most the time the ringer is working and the answering machine is connected. There have been a couple of times when I found it nice to be able to shut everything off but not to often.
  2. by   ChicagolandRN
    I'm so glad to hear that I'm not alone. One thing I've learned from allnurses is that the BS is universal, but sometimes it's good to hear it too. Misery loves company, ya know?! I love my career more than I ever imagined I would, but this week was just nuts! Thanks for the support, guys...I love you all! :kiss
  3. by   Totone656
    I am so glad to see it isn't me. I was thinking between the divorce and the forclosure I was letting things get to me.

    The abuse is even happening with Hospice patients. I have one and I keep telling myself this guy is dying let it go, but when he told my PCC I described his death graphically I almost lost it! I lost it when she told me he said I talked kinky sex to him! GRRRRRRRRRRR I lost it big time, of course my PCC knew how I would react and just chuckled. She knows the reason why I am divorcing my husband.

    So rest comfortably knowing it is happening everywhere! Hmmm must be something in the water ya think??
  4. by   RN Rotten Nurse
    Just this week we had an extremeley rude family member. But one of the nurses caught him off guard.................he called to speak to the nurse about his mother and said to the nurse, "are you that short, fat, nurse with the curly hair?" Her reply, "no I'm the trim, beautiful nurse." He was silent for a moment then was polite for the rest of the conversation. hahahaha,
  5. by   huggietoes
    I really blame management, they are giving the green light to demanding/abusive pts to be aggressive by reprimanding nurses for simply standing up for themselves. Having a ingrown toenail or some other less than trivial ailment does not give you or your loved ones the right to treat me like a subhuman, threaten me with physical violence or degrade me and then have your family cheer you on, "you told her". They made an RN I worked with apologize to this bottom dwelling cretant for "making him angry and feel like he had to leave the facility" after demanding pain meds "Whenever the hell I want, the doctor said I could have them whenever I ask b*tch so get them now" and then told her "I ain't afraid to hit you neither if I don't get what I want" and she had to say I am sorry, please!
  6. by   Loribabble
    Huggietoes - how awful that your co-worker had to be subjected to that - I would like to think that I would have walked off the unit never to return to keep from apologizing to that creep!

    What ever happened to people being held accountable for their actions?

    Thank God that pts are allowed to be called to task where I work - they stress customer service - but also don't put up with crap from obnoxious pts.

    And my manager is a GREAT nurse advocate - she doesn't take crap off of any pt and doesn't expect us too either.

    I used to work at a "customer service at all cost" type of hospital - I really feel for you...

    praying that things get better soon for everyone...
  7. by   kc ccurn
    I am sorry for all of us for the abuse that we do get at our jobs. The "thank you's" seem to be fewer and far between. I just personally got back from a "girls weekend away", no husbands, no kids, no talking about work. It was 2 short nights but did a world of good. I'm actually not dreading having to go back to work in the a.m.

    As much as you can, I encourage you to take care of yourselves and treat yourselves to something to rejuvenate you. Nurses are the best at taking care of other people, and the worst at taking care of ourselves.

    Hope this week is a better week for everyone!!!