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I was switching from diprivan to versed drip on a vented patient a few days ago because his blood pressure was down. The diprivan ran out and I turned on the versed. The patient kind of came awake for a short time and I was... Read More

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    What wise Cheryl said.......

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    Quote from gonzo1
    i will most likely be quitting this job today.
    i've had enough.
    i hope you haven't quit your present position on account of what occur, trust me you had enough reasons to, however, you seem to be a very competent nurse and when it comes to the ordeal that happen, trust me it could have happen to anyone. with that said, i'm certain that this will never happen again and the lesson has been embedded in your brain. however, if you still go on with your plans of resignation, i wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors... keep us posted as you can see we at an do care what happens to any of our colleagues, just by the vast response of the members, therefore, we are sending you a warm hug from across the miles... aloha~
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    The meeting went well. Fortunately I have a very wise and kind ICU director. I think we may be making progress. You guys always have great insight. I love allnurses. Would be lost without it.
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    Quote from gonzo1
    the meeting went well. fortunately i have a very wise and kind icu director. i think we may be making progress. you guys always have great insight. i love allnurses. would be lost without it.
    i'm so happy that you were able to have a meeting regarding your dilemma and everything is looking up for you, keep us posted....hugs ...aloha~
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    So happy you did not quit !!! Some things are uncomfortable at times but, you just have to stick it out until something better comes along.

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